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Welcome to the Real Campus Tour (Re:Tour)

We believe that the best way to further the conversation about student health and wellness is to connect with the major campuses that we serve.

We wanted a way to let students know about their Real Campus benefits without just giving them a bunch of flyers. That’s why we created a day-long student-centred event with the goal of leaving a mark. Enter the Real Campus Tour (Re:Tour for short).

The goal of the Re:Tour is to normalize the struggles we all face. Because when we see that we’re not alone, we are far more likely to reach out for support.

What Happens at a Re:Tour Event?

Interactive Pop-up
Drawing upon the international success of “What’s Your Big Lie?”, each Re:Tour event features an interactive pop-up that allows students to anonymously text in how they’re really feeling and doing.

These anonymous texts are then projected around campus, creating a powerful visual reminder that no one is truly alone in the challenges that they may be facing.

Human Library
Imagine that instead of signing out a book, you sign out a person, hear their unique story, and ask them questions about it. That’s what happens at a Human Library! 

Students who have stories they wish to share may do so by applying to be a Human Book. During the Human Library, they can share their story during one-on-one conversations with curious students. 

This is an excellent opportunity to share stories of resilience and to promote awareness of the struggles we all face. 

Interested in sharing your story but not sure it would be a good fit for the Human Library? Apply anyway! Each Re:Tour Human Library features a variety of Human Books, including people who’ve experienced mental illness, loss, stigma, addiction, major life changes, and recovery. 

Upcoming Tour Dates 

  • October 28 @ McMaster University
  • October 29 @ Centennial College (Progress Campus)
  • November 11 @ St. Clair College (Downtown Campus)
  • November 12 @ St. Clair College (South Campus)
  • November 13 @ St. Clair College (Chatham Campus)
  • November 15 @ Seneca College (Newnham Campus) 
  • November 27 @ Fleming College 

How long are the volunteer shifts?

Depending on the event, they’re typically between 2 and 3 hours! 

How can I get in touch with you?

Our events team can be reached at If you have any ideas you’d like to share or get involved somehow, don’t be shy to reach out!