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Our vision is to make mental wellness simple, relatable,
and actionable for Canadian students.

Meet the team behind Real Campus. 

Real Campus is operated by Shift Collab, an integrated mental healthcare company based in Toronto. We believe in making mental wellness simple, actionable, and relatable for bold companies and organizations. 

We have a team of nearly 60 therapists and mental health educators that work collaboratively to design, implement, and deliver mental health solutions that innovate and improve wellness outcomes. 

In short, we’re building the mental health solutions needed for life in 2018 and beyond. 

Megan Rafuse, MSW RSW

Megan is a clinical therapist and co-founder of Shift Collab. When she’s not leading the firm or Real Campus, she helps people navigate perfectionism, grief and loss, self worth, anxiety and depression.

Jordan Axani, MA

Jordan is a mental wellness educator, facilitator, and co-founder of Shift Collab. When he’s not leading the operations of Real Campus, he’s working with teams and leaders improve their organizations’ wellness.

Rasha Mardini, RP

Rasha is a talented psychotherapist and program designer, leading the Care Coordination for Real Campus. 

Brianne Boileau, RSW

Brianne is a social worker with a passion for case management, and encouraging wellness through connection.

Jaylin Bradbury, MSW RSW

Jaylin helps people navigate relationships, stress and burnout, managing anxiety and changing habits.

Real Campus is a partnership of three industry leaders.

We Speak Student is Canada’s leading student benefits platform.

Shift Collab is a leading therapy and mental health education company.

Maple is Canada’s leading virtual healthcare platform.

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We Want to Hear Your Stories

We Want to Hear Your Stories

Hey students! Do you have any stories about living with a wellness challenge that you’d like to share with an audience of students nationally? Real Campus is looking for original content about student life for their new community platform, re:tell.