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Meet Real Campus

Real Campus provides you with a mix of therapy, virtual doctor visits, lifestyle counselling, courses, tools and events to improve your mental and physical health.


Your wellness should be a snap.

We created Real Campus to make support for your mental and physical health simple, relatable, and actionable. And best of all, it’s already paid for as part of your student fees.


Short-Term Therapy

Relatable therapy with clinical social workers, available virtually or in your city.

Lifestyle Counselling

Counsellors that help you with studying, career planning, nutrition, legal needs, and more..

Doctor Visits

On some plans, you can see doctors that can assess, prescribe right through our app.

Strategies for Coping With Panic Attacks

Have you been in class and started to notice your heart rate beating faster? Your palms start to get sweaty and you begin feeling dizzy. You’re grasping for air and it feels like you can’t move or breath. You feel like you’re going to pass out and try to figure out...

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How to Validate Others’ Feelings

Have you ever felt like you are trying to let a partner, friend, colleague or other person in your life know you are there for them but somehow they end up shutting down or getting more upset? When you see someone (especially someone close to you) suffering, it often...

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How to Overcome Perfectionism

Be honest. Do you always want to be perceived positively by others? Or are you afraid of failure? Do you struggle with not feeling good enough, no matter what you do? Are your expectations of yourself or others unrealistically high?If you can relate to these, you...

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