Get instant access to on-demand virtual therapy sessions and doctor visits with our partner app, Maple.


All students that are eligible for Real Campus benefits have access to on-demand therapy sessions, but only some have access to on-demand doctor visits. Check out your campus page to verify what you qualify for!

How long will I wait for a response?

Not long! 24 hours at most.

Is virtual care secure?

Yes it is! Maple maintains extremely tight security controls and protocols that keep the system safe, secure, and in-line with provincial and federal healthcare information legislation.

Once I get my invite, can I start using the service immediately?

Yep! You’ll be confirmed for the Real Campus plan at your campus. From there, you can simply log in and request to see a healthcare provider.

What devices is Maple available on?

Maple is available for use on your computer, iOS device, or your Android device.

You're in! Awesome.