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Why Everyone Loses When You Don’t Show Up

Hi Folks,

Jordan here from Real Campus. I’m one of the people who runs the program and Shift Collab from behind the scenes.

And today, I want to get frank with you and talk about something important: Some of you have been booking therapy sessions with us and haven’t been showing up to your appointments! 

Now, before I go much further, I want to make it clear that it’s not all people, at all! In fact, the vast majority of you are using and loving the services we provide, which is awesome. But there is a small minority out there that are not showing up for their appointments… sometimes repeatedly.

Also, don’t take my using of “you” in the post title or below as directed at YOU. I’m sure you’re great.

Transparency is important to us. So let me explain why this is frustrating for us, and why no one wins when this happens.

Real Campus is paid for by your student fees. That’s right, your fees. Those student fees are split up a bunch of different ways, and our group gets a small amount to provide ongoing therapy and other support services to you — if you choose to use ’em.

I find in my own life that sometimes when I don’t pay for something directly, I get a little lazy with showing up. And I think a bit of that logic applies here.

It’s kind of if I gave you a gym membership that was fully paid for, versus you paying $100 a month for the same membership. If the membership was paid for, you might slack off and miss the occasional training session without breaking a sweat (pun intended). But, if you were paying the money every month, you’d likely go to the gym more often.

Therapy sessions are no different. If you were paying for each session directly, I bet you’d be much more likely to attend.

Having said that, we also understand that things come up! Life happens. We all get sick, we make mistakes, we get stuck in traffic, we forget appointments. It happens. And that’s totally cool.

But at a scale of operation like ours (Real Campus is a BIG program with nearly 200,000 students enrolled), even a small increase in no-shows leaves a big mark.

To demonstrate my point, here’s what happens when someone doesn’t show up for their session:

  • When you don’t show up, the session still costs money because the therapist and the room still have to be paid for.
  • When you don’t show up, the therapist is still there and is waiting for you.
  • When you don’t show up, someone else that wanted to see that therapist can’t see them.
  • When you don’t show up, we lose one session of the amount of sessions we’ve budgeted for for the whole year.
  • And I can assure you, each session is valuable to the client.  Sometimes one session can change a life.

So if you have an appointment booked and need to cancel or reschedule, we ask for 24 hours notice. You can do that by calling us (1-877-390-7325) or emailing us at You can also cancel and rebook it following the links in the email confirmations you receive. We’re super friendly about it. Just give us notice, that’s all!

If you have a friend that has an appointment scheduled, take an active role to remind them to show up! We know therapy can be scary for many, that’s why it’s important that you support your friends with showing up. You can also ask your friends to hold you accountable if it’s you that has an appointment coming up. Buddy system for the win.

With your help, we can support more people and fight for student mental health. One session at a time. 

Deal? Deal.

Here’s to making a bigger impact together!

– Jord.

PS. Got any feedback on Real Campus or the above? Email me directly!