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Thanks for Having us, Fleming College!

The Real Campus team was at Fleming College on November 22 to officially kick off of the Real Campus (or Re:Tour for short).

With a popup beginning in the morning and extending throughout the day, Fleming students were able to submit anonymous responses to question cards and see their answers as well as those from their peers projected throughout the campus. Students frequently stopped to read the texts, oftentimes looking surprised at how heaviness of some responses.

“I am surrounded by so many wonderful people every day and have so much to live for, but I still hate my life and who I am,” looped through the projections–an anonymous text sent by a student earlier that morning.

Students were able to stop by the centralized popup on their way to class to learn more about Real Campus and to sign up. Many were excited to hear about what the availability of Real Campus benefits meant for them.

The first Real Campus Human Library took place that afternoon and featured seven Fleming students who volunteered as “Human Books” to share their personal stories in a one-on-one format with visitors.

Human Book topics ranged from bipolar disorder and addiction recovery to child loss, domestic abuse survival, and body modification. Visitors could select which Human Book they wanted to read and have an open discussion with that person for twenty minutes about their story. Some visitors were pleased to be able to speak with someone who was experiencing a similar struggle to themselves or to hear from someone about a subject they didn’t know much about.

We had a great time at Fleming College and are looking forward to more Re:Tour visits in the new year!

Upcoming Re:Tour stops will be:

  • Centennial College on January 29, 2019
  • Fanshawe College on January 30, 2019
  • St. Clair College on January 31, 2019
  • and more…!

Want to volunteer or share your story at an upcoming spot? Click here to apply