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Announcing the Real Campus Tour

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Real Campus Tour (or Re:Tour for short)! 

Starting this week and stretching into early 2019, the Re:Tour will visit 10 major college and university campuses across Ontario to spark conversations about mental wellness and keep the initiative going by familiarizing students with the many services available to them through Real Campus.

The goal of the Re:Tour is to show that no one is alone in their struggles. Because when we feel less alone, we are more likely to reach out for support — whether that means from a friend, family member, or our team at Real Campus.

So far, we can share that we’ll be visiting Fleming College on November 22, Centennial College on January 29, and Fanshawe College on January 30.

Each stop on the tour will include:

1. Interactive Pop-up
Drawing upon the international success of “What’s Your Big Lie?”, we will be installing an exhibit at each campus for one day that allows students to submit anonymous confessions of how they’re really feeling and doing, creating a powerful ways to see that they’re not alone in the challenges that they may be facing.

2. Human Library
Campus community members who have unique stories they wish to share may do so in one-on-one 20-minute conversations with curious students. No question is off the table. This will broaden students’ understanding of the struggles that those around them also face and that emotional challenges are both common and normal.

3. Other Surprises
We’re working hard to make each event special and unique. Keep an eye open for neat announcements as we get the tour on the road!

Want to know if your campus is on the list and, if so, volunteer to get involved? Send us a note!