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Meet Real Campus

Real Campus provides you with therapy, virtual doctor visits, lifestyle counselling, courses, tools and events to improve your mental and physical health.


Your wellness should be a snap.

We created Real Campus to make support for your mental and physical health simple, relatable, and actionable. And best of all, it’s already paid for as part of your student fees.


Short-Term Therapy

Relatable therapy with clinical social workers, available virtually or in your city.

Lifestyle Counselling

Counsellors that help you with studying, career planning, nutrition, legal needs, and more..

Doctor Visits

On some plans, you can see doctors that can assess, prescribe right through our app.

Looking to take better
care of yourself?

Sign-up for our 45-minute course on making self-care work for you. It’s free, quick, and immediately useful.

Who’s in Your Big 5?

Who’s in Your Big 5?

Feeling stuck for support? Unsure of what kind of support to ask for or how to ask? We get it. It’s hard to reach out for help and even harder to communicate the type of support you might be looking for at any given time.
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5 Ways to Manage Financial Anxiety

5 Ways to Manage Financial Anxiety

The past week saw a huge stir in the markets with oil prices dropping, the threat of COVID-19, and folks rushing into the supermarkets. Here are five tips to help us refine and manage that “stock anxiety” so we’re better able to manage emotions in stressful times.
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Ready to Make a Change?

We’re here to help. Contact us today. It’s confidential, voluntary, and already paid for by your student fees.