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Meet Real Campus

Real Campus provides you with a mix of therapy, virtual doctor visits, lifestyle counselling, courses, tools and events to improve your mental and physical health.


Your wellness should be a snap.

We created Real Campus to make support for your mental and physical health simple, relatable, and actionable. And best of all, it’s already paid for as part of your student fees.


Short-Term Therapy

Relatable therapy with clinical social workers, available virtually or in your city.

Lifestyle Counselling

Counsellors that help you with studying, career planning, nutrition, legal needs, and more..

Doctor Visits

On some plans, you can see doctors that can assess, prescribe right through our app.

Strategies for Coping With Panic Attacks

Have you been in class and started to notice your heart rate beating faster? Your palms start to get sweaty and you begin feeling dizzy. You’re grasping for air and it feels like you can’t move or breath. You feel like you’re going to pass out and try to figure out...

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How To Access Benefits Through Real Campus

We all know college is a stressful time! Between meeting deadlines, studying for exams, attending classes and making time for friends, we often lose sight of what's most important: our Health. Real Campus is a Student Assistance Program designed to walk alongside you...

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The Unspoken Pressure of Summer

During those gruelling Canadian winter days, it is not uncommon to dream of that perfect idyllic summer memory, where you can smell the freshly cut grass or imagine the feeling of the warm sunshine on your face. However it can be normal to feel an overwhelming...

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How to Stay Focused

Recently everyone’s been talking about how focused world champion and playoff MVP Kawhi Leonard is. Folks have even asked me how they can cultivate habits like his when it comes to their work or studies. In fact, in my clinical work, I’m often asked by clients how...

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Signs You Might Be Afraid of Intimacy

Do you fear intimacy? Below are some quick things to look out for to see whether or not you might be afraid of getting too close in a relationship. 1. You keep attracting emotionally unavailable people. If you notice this pattern in your dating history, this is a...

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