The Uber for therapy.

All eligible students have access to 25-minute virtual therapy sessions. Plus, they’re available on-demand between 8am and 8pm.

Studying is hard.

That’s why we believe wellness should be simple.

We got your back.

Your health and wellness matters to us. We can help you get what you need.

Studying is hard. Your wellness shouldn't be.

Therapy, counselling, doctors and more — at your fingertips.

Real Campus is a benefits program for students.
If you’re
eligible, you can…

Speak to a therapist

Relatable therapy with clinical social workers, available virtually or in your city.


Speak to a counsellor

Counsellors that help you with studying, career planning, nutrition, legal needs, and more.

Speak to a doctor

On some plans, you can see doctors that can assess, prescribe right through our app.

…and a lot more. Select your campus to see your available benefits.

Get access to virtual therapy sessions and virtual doctor visits anytime using our app, Maple. It’s like Uber for healthcare.

Chicken Soup IS For The Soul

Cooking can be one of the simplest meditations. With a little attention, it can be a way to free ourselves momentarily from life’s burdens and worries. It starts with mere veggie-chopping, but ideally, by the time we sit down to eat, we’ve forgotten our troubles,  we’re at peace and there’s joy in every bite.

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What You Can Tackle In A 25-Minute Therapy Session

We’ve partnered with Maple to offer you on-demand video therapy. As if that wasn’t unique enough, we also decided to make all of the sessions are 25 minutes long! Why? Because we believe that certain challenges can be tackled in as little as 25 minutes. Here are some of them!

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You're in! Awesome.