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How to Date Confidently

It seems like it’s become harder and harder to date. Dating articles range from “why did they ghost me?” to “why are they all hot and cold?” These behaviours are all marvels that are becoming more common as a result of the online dating and app world. So, how on earth can we make sense of this messy online dating and app scene?

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How to Grow Your Confidence

Confidence is a trust in your ability to handle what life throws your way. It’s a belief that you can walk into any situation and come out okay. Who wouldn’t want that?! Good news! Even if you don’t identify as someone who is “naturally” confident, you possess the ability to grow it.

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How to Grow Up

Here’s some wisdom from a 32-year-old on a second round as a university student: sometimes the hard work isn’t always the hardest part. For me, trying to figure out how to get to bed early enough, how to wake up and make it to class on time, how to keep my bedroom from looking like a junkyard, and how to resist daily temptations is really hard. While others seem to be worrying about making time for self-care between classes and work, I’m sprinting to class only to find I forgot my notebook.

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How To Plan Big Changes

We thought so! A time of change can be a great time to learn a new skill or kick an old habit. Our therapist, Jaylin Bradbury MSW RSW, shares her top three tips to help you stick with your plan! 1.     Don’t do it alone – Having a friend, family member, or colleague...

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How To Stop Being Sick And Tired

Instead of getting sick and tired in this cold and flu season, get inspired to prioritize self-care. With the seasons changing, it’s easy to put your self-care routines aside to focus on getting back into work and on the upcoming school year. Between work deadlines,...

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How to Manage Exam Anxiety

‘Tis the season! .. and no, I’m not talking about Christmas. It’s EXAM TIME! But as exam period approaches, our anxiety is escalating. Right? We hear you and more than that, we understand you. Over the past months, we’ve been in contact with many of you who haven’t...

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How To Sleep Better

Many of us think of sleep as a luxury—something that we give to ourselves sparingly or even as a reward. What’s important to remember is that sleep affects your health and mental wellness just as much as exercise, diet, etc. It affects learning, memory, mood, and even...

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How To Use Cooking To Relax

Cooking can be one of the simplest meditations. With a little attention, it can be a way to free ourselves momentarily from life’s burdens and worries. It starts with mere veggie-chopping, but ideally, by the time we sit down to eat, we’ve forgotten our troubles, we’re at peace and there’s joy in every bite.

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